Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions Policy

CIN: U63030UR2021PTC011936

  1. Xperience Journey Pvt Ltd is an intermediary service provider and shall not be responsible for any loss of property, injury, or damage to property sustained by the traveler, including incidents occurring outside the touring programs.
  2. Travelers will be charged with extra charges in addition to the cost included in the agreement due to situations beyond control including political issues /decisions, natural calamities, delays and accidents.
  3. For domestic as well as international travel all passengers are required to submit identification, passports are required for international travel and Aadhar card or driving licence for domestic travel. Airlines require the full names of passengers as printed on the passports/other identification documents and will not accept changes once tickets are issued due to security reasons.
  4. In the case of small and light aircraft transportation facilities such as helicopters, if the passenger’s weight exceeds 80 kilograms, the passenger will be charged an extra amount per kilogram.
  5. In the event of a delay or flight cancellation, the company will be responsible for booking the new flight and providing the connecting services however the cost will be borne from the client’s account. If the client qualifies for any refund then the company shall facilitate the refund.
  6. Clients are requested to advise of the exact international and domestic departure and arrival times to ensure the following minimum connection times are met:
  • Between international & international flight – 4 hours
  • Between international & domestic flight (in either direction) – 4 hours
  • Between domestic & domestic flight – 2-3 hours

An additional 30 minutes are required to ensure a smooth transit.

  1. Involuntary change in the route or the schedule due to bad weather or technical stops (i.e., re-fueling) without prior notice is legal under the Warsaw Convention. Though Xperience Journey Pvt Ltd will ensure minimum disturbance in your itinerary, the cost to any changes will be charged to the client account.
  2. All hotel and resort check-in times are between 00 and 18.00 while the check-out times are between 11.00 and 12.00. Any changes to these times may be requested through a consultant but cannot be guaranteed.
  1. Inclusion and exclusion of the various services depend on the different tour packages and must be communicated at the time of the proposal.
  2. Payment terms and timings for the tour packages differ with individual agency policies and must be clarified at the time of tour proposal presentation. All payments towards the bookings of flights must be made in advance (including GST charges).
  3. The cancellation of the airline tickets will be as per the airline policy.
  1. Cancellation charges for domestic tours are outlined as follows:-
    • 25% of the tour cost as a cancellation fee for cancellation before 30 days from the start of the tour
    • 50 % of the tour cost as a cancellation fee for cancellation between 29 days and 15 days from the start of the tour
  • 75 % of the tour cost as a cancellation fee for cancellation between 14 days and 8 days from the start of the tour
  • 100 % of the tour cost as a cancellation fee for cancellation within 7 days from the start of the tour
  1. Cancellation charges for international tours are outlined as follows:
  • 30% of Tour cost as a cancellation fee for cancellation before 60 days before the start of the tour
  • 50% of Tour cost as a cancellation fee for cancellation between 59 days 30 days before the start of the tour
  • 100% of Tour cost as a cancellation fee for cancellation within 29 days before the start of the tour
  1. In some cases the cancelation policy may be stricter than normal and in which case, extra-cancelation charges might be imposed. It is advisable to clarify such points at the time of booking.
  1. Cancellation of the tour by the destination authorities due to force majeure, pandemic outbreak, or any other reason beyond control, Xperience Journey will postpone the journey to any date within one year but if the client cancels the tour before that then the cost will be deducted as per the policy.
  2. Any request for cancellation of the tour must be directly made to Xperience Journey via e-mail and Xperience Journey Pvt Ltd will act promptly to refund the amount as per the policy.
  3. Medical Insurance is essential in order to cover any loss due to the inability to travel in the case of poor health.
  4. The passport of the passengers for international travel must have two consecutive side by side blank visa pages (i.e. a left and a right-hand page) per country that is visited for all international travel. In the absence of such, passengers might be refused entry onto the flight or might risk deportation from the destination airport.
  5. Parents with children under 18 years might be asked to show their original birth certificate. If a child is traveling with one parent, a police certified consent letter from the other parent is required.
  6. It is noteworthy that travelers must have a passport valid for 6 months from the date of entry, failing this might result in immediate deportation at the client’s own cost.

Additional terms and conditions-


  1. Compensation requests on the grounds of unused services by the traveler will not be accepted.
  2. In the case of hotel unavailability as per the consent, Xperience Journey shall offer an alternative hotel from the same category.
  • The sudden cancellation of tour services by the traveler at any point on the tour will not be liable to any refund, rather the transportation cost from the point of cancellation shall be borne by the traveler.
  1. All accommodation is on a twin sharing basis, except if agreed upon by the traveler to pay for single accommodation.
  2. Any changes in the tour, beyond the control of Xperience Journey including force majeure does not attract a refund.
  3. Porter related and all extra transportation costs until reaching the destination will be payable by the tourist, for example in the case of road blockages due to natural or political reasons.

Risks and Liabilities-

  1. Xperience Journey Pvt Ltd provides clients with travel services, either itself or by acting as an agent. Such travel related services and products include hotels, car hire companies, transfer companies, and airlines amongst a long list of other services. Therefore, in case of any losses, damage, injury, or death Xperience Journey its employees and agents shall not be held responsible.
  2. Xperience Journey Pvt Ltd offers services either themselves or as the agent therefore Xperience Journey Pvt Ltd shall not be held responsible for any cancellations, delays, losses and damages due to the fault of the main service provider.

Company Policy regarding Pandemic-

  1. Xperience Journey Pvt Ltd extends all sort of support and help to make the traveler comfortable yet the company must not be held responsible for uncertainties due current pandemic situations.
  2. For last minute cancellations and situations beyond our control Xperience Journey is not solely responsible and tourists are requested to keep a track record with the airlines and flight timing.
  3. Owing to threat to health in current situation travelers may have to undergo medical tests at several points of the tour and show the certification from the registered medical practitioner either at the starting point of tour or at any point of the tour.

Acknowledgement by the traveler:

I have agreed to taking on the tour solely at my own risk and will not hold any service provider or the agent of service providers responsible for delays, loss, or cancellation of services. I hereby agree to abide by the rules and regulations, risk and liabilities and the restrictions due to pandemic situation of the firm as mentioned in the terms and conditions.

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