Mrs. Shradha Jha


Mrs  Shradha, the Co-founder of Xperience Journey and Designated partner is an energetic and cheerful person, whose main aim is to serve the clients first. Born and raised in the foothills of the Himalayas, Mrs Shradha adores playing with kids, reading, and travelling to remote and unexplored destinations. It is her affection towards travelling that steered the IT graduate towards the tour and travelling industry. Having initially worked for a pharmaceutical company as a Business Development Officer and NHIDCL, Mrs Shradha is successfully matching her footsteps with her goals within the travel industry. At Xperience Journey, she is dedicated to handling the requests and queries of client and always strives to reach excellence with offering value-added products and services. She, along with a team of experts, is constantly on a mission to improve tourism in the region as well as in the Indian sub-continent. Coming up with innovative products and services to further Xperience Journey’s impact, is the chief goal of Mrs. Shradha. Strictly following the ethics and footsteps of the company’s CEO, she has been a support system for Xperience Journey Pvt Ltd.

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