The Four Holy Temples are situated on the Shivalik range Hills of Himalayas in Uttarakhand Garhwal region called ‘’Char-dham Yatra’’ which is devoted to Hindu Gods, Goddesses, and scared rivers of India. Haridwar is the traditional gateway of ‘’Char-Dham Yatra’’ which is known as ‘’Shree Gangotri Dham’’ Shree Yamnotri Dham’’ Shree Kedarnath Dham’’ and ‘’Shree Badrinath Ji Dham’’.

It’s believed that ‘’Char-Dham yatra’’ was visited by ‘’Pandavas’’ in Tretha Yuga to get the Moksha(salvation) after winning the battle in Kurukshetra. Which begins from the West and ends in the East. Hence, the Char Dham Yatra starts off from Shree Yamunotri Ji, then proceeding to Shree Gangotri Ji and at last to Shree Kedarnath ji and Shree Badrinath Ji.


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